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    Town Hall – Student Fee Policy – Stand up and Speak up! 

    Students are being asked to submit their questions/comments/solutions regarding this policy via the internet at this LINK

    Posted by Chris Gat

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    Statement on Budget Reduction Planning 

    You are all aware that California is confronting a severe budget crisis. You

    have probably seen the news that the California State University and

    University of California systems face their worse fiscal crises ever.


    The same situation applies to California’s community colleges, and

    specifically to the Peralta Community College District’s four colleges, because

    most of our funding comes from the state. The fact is, California’s community

    college students pay only a small fraction of the cost of their education.


    At the Peralta Colleges, we could lose funding for 3,000 full-time students this

    year under the proposed state budget. That’s brutal for our students and

    potential students, as well as for many of our faculty and administrators who

    serve them. The lack of state funding will affect us all, and it is very sad.


    Nonetheless, the budget crisis has forced us to look at hard alternatives as

    we plan for an uncertain future. Faced with unprecedented cuts to our district

    budget by the State of California that could top $21 million, on March 17,

    2011, I met with senior management at Peralta Community College District to

    determine the extent of budget reductions.


    Peralta’s reductions district-wide will ultimately depend on the State’s budget

    for California’s community colleges as determined by the State Legislature

    and perhaps California voters. As we do not know the ultimate cuts to our

    budget by the State, we are developing budget reduction scenarios so we are

    prepared for the eventual State budget, whatever it might be.


    The colleges and district office have been asked to provide the following 5%-

    10%-15% budget reduction scenarios for FY 2011-12 supplies, equipment

    and contracts. These reductions do not include personnel or fixed costs, such

    as utilities, benefits or insurance.


    Here is a breakdown of the budget reduction scenarios for the colleges and

    the district office based on their current FY 2011-12 discretionary budgets:

    As you can see, the bulk of the cuts for FY 2011-12 come out of the district

    office budget. And this comes on top of a 9% reduction from last year for the

    district office.


    Last year’s district office cuts included:

    • Non-reemployment of 15 managers;
    • Non-reemployment of 15.25 FTE classified staff;
    • A 5% management salary reduction; and
    • A 2.5% classified staff salary reduction.


    Thanks to these and other painful cuts at the Peralta Community College

    District, we were able to keep cuts as far away from the classroom as

    possible last year. For example, we were able to preserve summer school at

    the Peralta Colleges, at a time when other community college districts could



    In addition to the 9% reduction to the district office’s budget taken since last

    year, we are planning to reduce the district office’s costs for FY 2011-12 by a

    further $478,911 to nearly $1.5 million as shown in the chart above. This will

    bring the district office’s total reductions over two years to nearly $3.5 million

    or 25%. As you can see, the district office will be taking its fair share of

    reductions should these budget reduction scenarios become reality.


    Services, such as utilities, and health and retirement benefits for all Peralta

    Colleges employees, amount to $14.7 million of the district office’s budget.

    Note that many of these costs are for services and benefits for employees

    throughout the entire district, including at each of the four Peralta Colleges.


    The remaining budget for the district office’s central services is $21 million.

    This includes services such as police and security, insurance, building

    maintenance and operations, student services, medical office, financial aid

    staff, payroll and benefits processing, student admissions and records (e.g.,

    transcripts), and district-wide facilities such as libraries and the medical office.


    Further cuts in these services will be difficult but necessary. We will be careful

    to avoid significant deterioration in the quality of services to students.

    Likewise, required spending on technology and fiscal management cannot

    drop to levels that damage our colleges’ accreditation. You have my pledge

    that we will continue to do what we must, in order to avoid jeopardizing

    students’ financial aid and transfer of credits.


    For FY 2011-12, which begins July 1, 2011, I am requiring the district office to

    surpass the reductions that the colleges have been asked to make in order to

    meet the reduced revenue we receive from the State. The budget for the

    Marketing Department and Peralta TV, for example, will be reduced next year

    by 24%.


    Everyone has to take their fair share of the State-imposed budget cuts. The

    colleges have also been asked to provide 5-10-15% budget reduction

    scenarios for FY 2011-12. And, like the district office, the colleges have also

    reduced their budgets since last year. (To compare “apples-to-apples,”

    benefits and utilities are not included in district office or college budget figures

    below. The complete budget calculation sheets for the colleges and district

    office will be posted on Peralta’s Web site.


    Because of FTES reductions imposed on us by the State, Berkeley City

    College reduced its budget since last year by approximately $312,180, Laney

    College by nearly $976,479, College of Alameda $1,306,069 and Merritt

    College 1,525,091. Of these, most of the reductions were made to part-time

    faculty as part of enrollment management measures enacted due to State4

    imposed FTES cuts. If those costs are factored out, some colleges actually

    received budget increases and the district office took the vast majority of the

    cuts as demonstrated in the below table.

    These are very difficult times. However, we can still provide – if we continue

    to work together – quality teaching and learning and needed student services

    in the face of these State-imposed cuts.


    One final note: You should also be aware that the state budget crisis could

    worsen further. I urge you to consider exercising your rights to participate in

    government. You may if you choose call upon the state to fund higher

    education as a priority.


    We all know the importance of our community colleges. Nonetheless, we

    must, all of us, continue to make the vital importance of the community

    college mission known to the community and our government officials.


    Wise E. Allen


    Peralta Community College District

    March 28, 2011

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    An Open Letter to Our Peralta Colleges Students and Community 

    An Open Letter to Our Peralta Colleges Students and Community

    By: Wise E. Allen, Chancellor

    March 28, 2011


    As a government of the people, by the people and for the people, we Americans

    have the freedom to determine our future national and state budgets, and public

    policies. Whatever your feelings on policies or budgets, I urge you to exercise

    your right to vote, to petition lawmakers and to exercise your freedom of speech.

    Why the patriotic call to action? Because public funding for California’s

    community colleges is declining precipitously and it drastically affects each of us

    at the Peralta Colleges – Berkeley City College, College of Alameda, Laney

    College and Merritt College.


    Community colleges statewide must be prepared to cut $400 million from our

    budgets. As I announced at a community forum on the budget at Berkeley City

    College recently, the state has proposed eliminating funding for at least 3,000

    full-time Peralta Colleges students. That’s a reduction of up to $13.8 million in our

    budget. Additionally, without passage of a statewide ballot measure this June,

    the budget cuts we already face today will be dramatically worse in a few

    months, perhaps as deep as $21 million in cuts to our district alone.

    That’s why I urge you to be involved in state and national government long-term.

    And the long-term may come as early as June, when voters may decide on a

    measure on the state ballot to fund education and other essential services.

    For now, the proposed state budget envisions a rise in enrollment fees from $26

    a unit to $36 for all state community college students. Sacramento sets the

    enrollment fees and the State collects the money. One less cloudy note is that

    lower-income students will likely continue to be insulated from the increases, to

    some extent, by government grants based on need.


    Over the last few years of the state’s on-going budget crisis, we’ve worked hard

    at Peralta to keep budget cuts out of the classroom. This fiscal year, we already

    made massive cuts in administration costs, such as:


    – District Office Consolidation Saves $643,686: I implemented a

    consolidation of the District offices and reorganized support services,

    eliminating the positions of the Associate Vice Chancellor of Students

    Services, Director of Research and Development, Director of Employee

    Relations and Director of Development, with their duties assumed by other

    administrators. Altogether, the net savings to the District totaled $643,686.


    – Travel Budget Cut 70 percent: The District has already cut travel

    budgets by 70 percent this past year, and we will remain diligent in looking

    closely at our travel costs going forward.


    – 5% Management Pay Cuts: Our administrators now take 12 unpaid

    furlough days annually, nearly a 5 percent salary reduction by

    management, who are working harder and more efficiently. This compares

    to a pay cut of half as much for classified staff (2.5 percent), while faculty

    (0 percent) were spared any pay cuts or furloughs.


    – Total District Office Budget Cuts: $2,030,334: Effective July 1, 2010, a

    total of $2,030,334 was reduced from the District Office budget as a result

    of our re-organization and other cost-cutting measures. These are

    significant cuts by any measure, and they are as far from the classroom as

    possible. And next year, the District Office is planning on cutting up to $1.4

    million more.


    Of all salaries and benefits paid out of our General Fund, the vast majority go to

    faculty and staff, with management only making up seven percent. At Peralta,

    this salary budget, outside of faculty, funds staff support, including admissions,

    records, payroll management, class scheduling, facilities planning and

    maintenance, health services and other essential services. Nonetheless, these

    administration programs will also undergo further cuts, since our budget gap is

    too large. We have to do everything possible to keep classrooms open.


    While I hear some people say that we can simply cut “administration” this coming

    year and we’ll be fine, the truth is that we need to look at every program, every

    function and every service to make ends meet. These are tough, life-changing

    decisions that have to be made.





    Further cuts in management and administration will be particularly difficult to

    accomplish in the future, since we are already stretched to the limit. And we are

    required to spend money needed on technology and fiscal management to

    ensure that the colleges remain accredited. To do otherwise would be

    irresponsible, jeopardizing student financial aid, the transfer of credits and the

    validity of students’ degrees.


    We all have much to be proud of, as well as difficult challenges ahead. These

    challenges associated with the budget are not primarily of our making. Our

    students, staff and faculty did not cause the nation’s economy to tank or tax

    revenues to shrink. The state’s long-standing structural budget imbalance did not

    originate with Peralta. In short, the national economy and politics and the state’s

    budget crisis have forced us to look at hard alternatives.


    I am currently undertaking a review with our management team to examine other

    savings that will be the least harmful to classroom instruction, yet maintain

    essential services. I will also be meeting with District unions to determine

    whether other reductions can be made. Nonetheless, along with other community

    colleges across the state, we have been forced to significantly reduce classes.

    We avoided cutting summer school last year, unlike some other community

    college districts. This year, everything is on the table for consideration.




    I am calling for a committee of faculty, staff and students to recommend how

    volunteers can participate in augmenting student services. This may help

    preserve administrative services or academic programs that would otherwise be



    Finally, don’t leave participation in government to others. Our government

    belongs to us all, so stay informed, participate and vote. You have the

    opportunity to engage with your legislators as they decide the budget now, and to

    participate in government if there is a special election this year to decide whether

    even more cuts can be avoided.


    Whatever the outcome of the budget, the Peralta Colleges will provide our

    students with an affordable education in a quality-teaching environment.

    Thousands of our students will continue to transfer to four-year colleges or

    graduate with an Associate Degree; thousands more will hone their job skills with

    specialized courses or full-time training programs. Our career and technical

    education programs successfully train students for good jobs in business, health

    care, “green” technology, biotech and other high-demand fields.


    Though the numbers of students and programs may decline, we will continue to

    offer life-transforming opportunities to our students despite tough economic



    Thank you for your continued support during these difficult time.


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    Tags: ASBCC, César Chávez, Latin American Club   

    Join the celebration to remember Cesar Chavez at Berkeley City College 

    The ASBCC and the Latin American Club cordially invites you to come and join the celebration to remember Cesar Chavez life and legacy. The Cesar Chavez Celebration is a FREE event!

    Thursday, March 31st, 2011 • 12:15-1:00 PM located at Berkeley City College’s Atrium

    Lunch, Speakers, Live Music, DJ and more!!

    Posted by Chris Gat

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    Tags: 12th Annual Show of Merritt, exhibition   

    12th Annual Show of Merritt 

    This year’s Show of Merritt marks the TWELFTH year for this exhibition of artwork by more than 150 students in the pastel, figure drawing, drawing, painting, watercolor, botanical drawing and ceramics classes at Merritt.  Students of all skill levels are encouraged to participate, and the show includes the earnest efforts of beginners as well as the developed skills of advanced students, many of whom are exhibiting locally and active in professional organizations.

    The show will be up until May 10.

    We hope you can join us at the opening reception this Friday, March 25 from 6 to 8 pm. The students provide a potluck buffet, and the reception is a wonderful celebration of the art community at Merritt College.

    Posted by Chris Gat

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    Tags: Dr. Deborah Budd, , Vice Chancellor for Educational Services   

    Peralta Matters 4 : Academics 

    Join our host Jay Calhoun for an in-depth look at the Academic programs throughout our District. Vice Chancellor for Educational Services Dr. Deborah Budd outlines some of the exciting programs at the various colleges. Enjoy!

    Posted by Chris Gat

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    Tags: Farnsworth Theater, fundraiser, Great Wall Youth Orchestra and Chorus, Purple Bamboo Orchestra and Chorus, Purple Silk Music Education Foundation   

    Laney College Great Wall Youth Orchestra and Chorus Fundraiser Concert 

    The Board of Directors of the

    Purple Silk Music Education Foundation

    invites you to an evening of music performances by the

    Great Wall Youth Orchestra and Chorus of Laney College &

    Purple Bamboo Orchestra and Chorus of Lincoln School

    Join us as we share and support music education for inner-city children in

    Oakland through traditional Chinese instruments.

    Saturday, April 9, 2011

    7:30 p.m. through 9:00pm

    Farnsworth Theater

    Skyline High School

    12250 Skyline Blvd.

    Oakland, CA 94619

    Tickets are $35 (Section A) and $25 (Section B).

    For each section, seating is general admission only. Doors open at 7pm.

    Purchase Tickets Now!


    Posted by Chris Gat


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    Tags: Fitness Tips, Physical Education, Weight Management   

    Fitness Tip of the Week – Weight Management by the Laney College PE Department 

    Laney – PE Department’s – FITNESS TIP for the week:


    Can you manage your weight? Or do you always have an excuse as to why you can’t?

    Do you have any of these excuses? What are you willing to do to change?


    Check out these stats from the CDC (Center for Disease Control):

    • 34% of adults age 20 years and over are OVERWEIGHT (and not obese) (2007-2008)

    • 34% of adults age 20 years and over are OBESE (2007-2008)So, according to these statistics, 68% of you reading this are likely to be overweight or obese!!

    Body Weight vs Body Fat

    Many people say, “I’d like to lose weight.” But, what is weight? When you get on a scale, what is that scale telling you? Is it telling you how much fat you have? No, it’s telling you how much TOTAL mass you have – including muscle, bones, water, lunch…and fat. It’s important NOT to get addicted to the scale because the scale doesn’t tell you what that weight is made of. Some individuals lose weight when they start working out. Others stay the same weight, but lose inches. That’s why it’s important to look at other factors than just the scale, and ask yourself, “how are my pants fitting?” or look at percent body fat.

    Fat Storage and Fat Burning

    Whatever calories you intake, your body will generally use them if needed, or store them. The body converts extra calories into fat to store them as extra fuel. If you intake 2500 calories in a day and you only burn off 2000 calories, your body will likely store the extra 500 calories as fat. Since ONE pound of fat equals 3500 calories, in one week you would gain about a pound of fat if you had eaten those extra 500 calories per day. 500 calories might sound like a lot, but actually that is equivalent to 2/3 of a teriyaki chicken bowl, or a candy bar and a large soda. It can add up quickly! So, how do you burn fat? To get your body to ‘want’ to burn fat, you have to increase the demand for energy in the body. Generally this is achieved by performing cardiovascular exercise activities that increase the heart rate over a prolonged period of time.

    The F.I.T. Principle to Lose Weight

    The F.I.T. Principle is an acronym that can be applied to weight loss.

    F= Frequency. Your exercise frequency should be 3-5 days (5 is best) to increase calorie burning.

    I = Intensity. Heart rate is the best indicator of intensity. Using your target heart rate zone can be a good way to ensure that you are being effective in your endeavor to burn calories.

    T = Time. 45 minutes – 1 hour is critical to give your body enough time to burn more calories

    To create a negative caloric balance, you have to take on less calories than you are using… that’s when the body goes to it’s stored fuel (fat) for energy. The bottom line is total calories burned in an activity, not just fat calories. The body will burn fat during aerobic activity primarily; but even with anaerobic activities, fat will be used later as a source to replace other depleted energy stores in the body. So, the amount of total calories used in an activity is more of a determinant for fat/weight loss than just performing activities that mainly use fat as a primary fuel source.

    Good cardiovascular activities that can be effective in burning calories are: walking briskly, jogging, cycling, swimming, playing a sport where you travel and move a lot (basketball, soccer, hockey, etc.), using cardiovascular machines (stair climbers, elliptical cross trainers, treadmills, bikes..), hiking, or taking an aerobic exercise class.

    The PE department offers several exercise classes that you might want to try next semester, that focus on calorie burning:

    · Stationary Cycling for Fitness (PE 22)

    · Aerobics (PE 2)

    · Lap Swimming (PE 46)

    · Fitness Center (PE 44)



    900 FALLON ST, GYM 112/GYM 110

    OAKLAND, CA 94607

    Posted by Chris Gat

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    Tags: 9th Floor Radio, Audio Editing, Audio Production, Course Credit, , Internship, , Podcasting   

    Interested in Audio Production at the Peralta Colleges? 

    9th Floor Radio is an internet radio station broadcasting from Oakland, California. We also produce a television show for Peralta TV. All of our programs, both radio and television, are archived online.

    Posted by Chris Gat

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    Tags: Mehdi Boubiya   

    Women Making Waves in the Middle East & North Africa 

    Thursday, April 7, 2011: World Women’s Month Events

    Women Making Waves in the Middle East & North Africa

    Hear about women’s involvement in the waves of social and political change sweeping this part of the world. Presentation, with slides, by Mehdi Boubiya, Program Associate at the Global Fund for Women.

    Time: 7-8 p.m.  /  Place: Berkeley City College, Room 322

    These events are cosponsored by BCC’s Women’s Studies Program, the Humanities Program and the Women’s Empowerment Alliance.

    Posted by Chris Gat

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